Sugar River Farm stories

First new piglets of 2017 on SRF!


Our newest additions to SRF came just 24 hours apart as our featured photo above shows Betty our Mulefoot/Berkshire sow, a first time mom with her litter of 7 sired by our Mulefoot Boar, Boris.  The second new mom shown below, Penelope II was sired by our Mulefoot/Berkshire boar, Pepe and she has 9 beautiful piglets.

Penelope II 2017 litter with Pepe

On the Beef side of the farm, here is Scooby our youngest animal, a  purebred Highland Steer.  Scooby has a mind of his own and is often found outside the herd as he likes to roll under the fences and go where he pleases.

Scooby April 2017