Sugar River Farm is a family of animals and people living off the land sustainably

First new piglets of 2017 on SRF!


Our newest additions to SRF came just 24 hours apart as our featured photo above shows Betty our Mulefoot/Berkshire sow, a first time mom with her litter of 7 sired by our Mulefoot Boar, Boris.  The second new mom shown below, Penelope II was sired by our Mulefoot/Berkshire boar, Pepe and she has 9 beautiful piglets.

Penelope II 2017 litter with Pepe

On the Beef side of the farm, here is Scooby our youngest animal, a  purebred Highland Steer.  Scooby has a mind of his own and is often found outside the herd as he likes to roll under the fences and go where he pleases.

Scooby April 2017