Cancer now Coronavirus , but a renewed Sugar River Farm is operating to bring high quality food from, “Farm to Fork!”

It has been over a year since we have been on our website here at Sugar River Farm.  Honestly, at first we were just busy.  Rocky was running the farm full-time without anything but a little volunteer help occasionally.  Terri was teaching full-time, working on another graduate degree, and selling in 5 farmer’s markets.  Then Terri was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and our world stopped.  The farm had grown too big, and Rocky would suddenly need to be a full-time caretaker during the initial recovery, and part-time over the next couple of years.

Pigs are incredibly funny due to their natural inquisitive nature and high level of intelligence (yep, smarter than any dog you have ever seen!).  Well, that is Terri’s perspective and many of you know it was due to a pig that Sugar River Farm was born.  Rocky, on the other hand says pigs are too smart for their own good which makes them 10 times the work as any other beloved creature on the farm.  So, the pigs had to go when Terri got sick.

It was also good-bye to farmer’s markets.  Thank goodness LaBrioche switched from buying our ground pork to our fabulous grass fed ground beef.  Sadly, COVID-19 has closed LaBrioche.  But, about a year ago a fabulous little market and bistro opened in Evansville, WI.  The Grove Market LLCwas the birth of a dream for our daughter-in-law and her family.  Fast forward to now, during the pandemic crisis and while the bistro is temporarily closed, the market is open and flourishing!  You can purchase our fantastic dry-aged beef along with Bering Bounty fish, Grove Market quiches (made with SRF eggs!), soups and entrees, fresh mushrooms, local preserves & condiments and much more!

Check out The Grove Market LLC in Evansville, WI.  Check their website for current days and times of operation.  Groceries and meals available for curbside pick-up during social or physical distancing periods.  Call for more information:  608-882-1566  You can also message us through the our website and we can assist you with ordering for pick up at The Grove Market.

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